Waterproof Smartphone Case
At water depths of up to 50m,you can click on the icons of your smart phone or IPhone and fully operate your camera and its applications.


Q How is LIFEMATE 1 different to LIFEMATE 2?

  • Both 1 and 2 are casings which are equipped with waterproof capabilities
    for depths of up to 50 metres.
  • With LIFEMATE 2, you can access your smart phone screen by using
    the attached stylus to take photos or use applications.
  • Lightmate I will protect you from water damage or any other unexpected
    accidents at sea.

Q Can it only be used in the sea?

  • LIFEMATE is also shock resistant, so your phone is protected even while
    mountain climbing or skiing.

Q How do I operate my phone?

  • For the LIFEMATE 2, you can use the attached stylus to touch the screen just as
    you would with a regular stylus pen.

Q Can I use it for any type of smart phone?

  • If you inform us what type of phone you use, we can provide a case to fits
    your needs.
  • There are also cases for small-sized phones.

Q How do I use it once I have it?

  • Think of it as the casing of a waterproof camera.
  • Wash it with the cover closed, make sure there is no dirt, hair or sand on
    the O Ring, and put the silicon wax provided on it each time you use it.

Q How often do I need to replace the O Ring?

  • Please replace it around every 30 uses.

Q Are the stylus pen, lid and other accessories O Ring sold separately?

  • Yes. Please contact us, and we will post any additional purchases at the
    customer's expense.

Q Can I send messages and make phone calls underwater?

  • There is no reception underwater, so you cannot use GPS, make phone
    calls or send messages, but if you download applications such as a fish
    encyclopaedia or geographic maps beforehand, you can have fun with
    them underwater.

Q Can you hear the caller well when making phone calls while your phone
is in the case?

  • It may be slightly hard to hear, but you should be able to hear the caller.

Q Won't my phone get waterlogged?

  • All of our products have passed a water pressure test at 50 metres for
    30 minutes.

Q Will you give me a refund if it gets waterlogged?

  • Anynon-faulty products, including our underwater camera cases,
    are not legible for a refund.

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